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So if you're reading this... I'm not entirely sure how you got here, but welcome! My name is Nicholas, and you're probably wondering why this blog is here. In a sense, I am too. The best reason I can muster for why I decided to start this blog in this tiny corner of the Internet, is so that I can have the choice to write down whatever it is I have flowing through my head. Kind of like a journal, but one where I don't mind other people reading what I have to say, that is if any.

You see, I love writing and reading; I always have. It's a passion that has never went away despite all the changes, impediments, and what-have-you that have sprung up in my life over the years. Another passion I have, is to my Lord and God Jesus Christ, and to His Bride, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church that He founded nearly 2,000 years ago. Over the past six or seven years, I have gone through not what I would call a reversion by any means, but a... reclaiming of sorts; a reclaiming of my faith and wanting to understand it ever more deeply.

Carlo Maratta- Assumption and Doctors of the Church
I've found myself in recent years learning why the Catholic Church teaches what it does; why we Christians hold on to our beliefs; why our history is important even today. I've gobbled up all sorts of books, news postings, and treatises on apologetics in an effort to better understand my faith, how it connects to the Mystical Body of Christ and how it connects to our world today; a world that seems increasingly more and more difficult to live in as a practicing Catholic Christian. This is why I say this is a blog both on "daily life and theology".

As I mentioned before, a lot of things flow through my head throughout the day. Things I see on Facebook or other social media outlets; things I hear in discussion at work or among friends, and typically, one of my first thoughts is, "How does what we're discussing/reading fit in with my faith?" This has led me in recent months to engage many more people one on one, or on social media sites, in discussion of controversial issues where the Church and current culture seem (and often, but not always) are opposed. I've been told by someone close to me that I often try to clarify things for people, and make things that seem complex or misunderstood easier to understand. I had never considered that, or thought of myself like that, until that was said. Which leads me to the more specific and less witty reason for why this blog is here.

It is my hope that as a 20-something man who wears many hats, (husband, father, construction tradesman, religious education catechist, liberal arts college graduate, et al.) I can have a somewhat unique perspective on current events in our world, and how it all relates back to Christ and His Church. I hope to post musings and short essays (don't get scared by the word "essays", this is a blog after all!) on what I see going on in our world and how it affects today's parents, those who are considered millennials, young Catholics and other non-Catholic Christians, and just the world in general. In addition, I hope to post some Catholic apologetic work here as my knowledge keeps increasing, but keep in mind I still have MUCH to learn, as all good Christians do. I also hope to post some of the conversations I've had on Facebook or other com-boxes relating to both current events, the Church, and apologetics.

As I have much to learn, and I hope you don't mind me admitting that as I post my musings here, this is why I've selected the title for this blog to be called "The Not-So Angelic Doctor". I am, obviously, neither angelic, nor a doctor. As some may know, the "Angelic Doctor" is the title often given to St. Thomas Aquinas, for his eloquent philosophy on God, the Church, and man. I've always found him to be an excellent example, and in recent years I've come to really appreciate his philosophy grounded in such classical thinkers as Aristotle and Plato, leading me to think of myself as a "budding Thomist" as I delve more and more into his immense body of work. I just want to know EVERYTHING, and right now, but as is attributed to Aquinas:

"We can't have full knowledge all at once. We must start by believing; then afterwards we may be led on to master the evidence for ourselves."

Filippino Lippi- Scene From the Life of St. Thomas Aquinas (detail)

I admit I don't have all the "knowledge" yet, but there are some subjects that I feel I have become articulate in, and it is my hope that I can show some of that evidence that I have found for my beliefs, to you the reader, so as to clarify these things in a world that seems to have lost its direction in the wake of secular humanism and moral relativism. This is why I put this blog under the patronage of St. Thomas Aquinas, in hopes that even though I am not NEARLY as well-versed, wise, or "angelic" as he, I can at least do something here to help even one person on their road through life and on their road to Christ. God-willing, of course. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to comment on any and all posts.

In Christ,


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  1. Hi Nicholas! Thank you for adding me to your blog list! We seem to have a lot in common: I also love engaging in discussions about faith & morality on social media. I'm a glutton for apologetics and am a huge fan of the Catholic Answers apostolate. Great to meet you here in the blogosphere :) God bless!