Thursday, May 19, 2016

Guilty of Selectively Using Scripture?

A friend of mine recently posted an article from a big Evangelical website, Relevant Magazine. In it, the author gives a list of five things that he thinks Christians should admit about the Bible. I have to admit, some of the author's points are pretty good... but then there are some thing said that makes you scratch your head. Simply, all these problems could be solved if we looked to how the Catholic Church has always interpreted Scripture.
Christ Preaching at Capernum- Maurycy Gottlieb

Now, it's nice to see a pretty lucid take on this from a Evangelical or Fundamentalist Protestant perspective. Too often Christians are caricaturized as being brainless dolts who think everything said in the Bible is literally true. I just watched The Big Bang Theory recently, and they made Sheldon's mom look like a complete moron (in several different ways), mainly that she believed everything in the Bible was literal and put it on a pedestal making it equal with God.

Obviously, everything regarding the Truth is correct, and there are no actual contradictions regarding revelation found in the Scriptures, especially if we follow the authors advice and realize that the specific books of Scripture are coming from a number of different literary techniques. That's why we as Christians really need to remember the four senses of Scripture: the literal sense, the allegorical sense, the moral sense, and the anagogical sense.

St. Matthew the Evangelist
It seems like the author of the article is acquainted with this ancient, and still relevant, mode of interpreting Scripture.

However, I do have some problems with what the author says. On one hand, he shows how people can come to different perspectives and conclusions on Scripture, then say truth isn't relative, and then later on towards the end claim that everyone selectively quotes from Scripture to fit their own view:

"Is it really fair to accuse someone else of selectively using Scripture, unless we’re prepared to admit to the same crime in the process?"

Some people do selectively quote Scripture in a deceitful way, but I will NOT admit to the same crime as he asks. Scripture is clear on revelation; there is one way to read Scripture, the author acknowledges that since he know truth isn't relative. Just because there are thousands of different ways to interpret Scripture on faith and morals, that doesn't mean there is not ONE right way to interpret Scripture. Christ thankfully instituted a Church to safeguard that truth, and if the Truth is true, then we should certainly "selectively" choose what is correct from what is erroneous.

I'm just really glad to see such an overall good perspective on Scripture from this persons point of view, and I wish more Christians across the board would echo many of these sentiments as well.

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