Monday, October 17, 2016

It's Getting Old Hearing About the "Wasted" 3rd Party Vote

I apologize for not being as active lately. Work has been hectic, but I'm hoping to get back into posting some more things in the near future. One thing that's been on my mind recently, and most Americans lately, is the Presidential election. Many people are torn on what to do, but are mostly sticking with the two major party candidates. I will be voting third party, as there are a few good options available to me in my state. The frustration I've been feeling was summed up in a short exchange I had with a person on a Catholic Libertarian page. You can find out why I'm voting third party below, and why it's being done in good conscience, in accord with the teachings of the Church. The meme that started all this is pictured here:

The full text of Bishop Conley's statement can be found HERE.

Tom: Another confused bishop. He has a CHILD'S understanding of voting. Voting is not about finding the candidate who most conforms to your views! Voting is about keeping the worst candidate out of office by voting for the only person who has a chance of keeping her out of office.

Trump is the only person who has ANY chance of defeating Hillary. Therefore, IT IS A MORTAL SIN TO FAIL TO VOTE FOR TRUMP.

Nicholas: Tom, I honestly thought your post was sarcastic for a second. Look what you wrote:

"Voting is not about finding the candidate who most conforms to your views! Voting is about keeping the worst candidate out of office..."

Are you serious? That is how one votes? You really think this when going into the voting booth for elections? We absolutely should vote for someone who has policies that are in line with Catholic teaching and doctrine. Clinton most assuredly doesn't, and neither does Trump. Have you thought for a second that some of the people on this page (as well as other Catholics in the US) live in states like Illinois or California where Clinton is assured a victory?

I live in one of those states, and a vote for Trump will have the same effect as a third party vote. This election isn't a popular vote, Vincent, so that must be taken into consideration. Therefore, I'm voting my conscience and will not be voting for Clinton or Trump, as Clinton is already assured to win my state's electoral vote.

Bishop Conley is an excellent bishop and is anything but confused. He's certainly one of the greatest bishops we have in these United States; it's no wonder that the Diocese of Lincoln has some of the most numerous vocations in the country. For you to call him confused is insulting. I urge you to look at these articles on the good Bishop and I also urge you to stop telling people they are committing mortal sin by not voting for Trump. If you're going to keep making that claim, you better have a source linked to back it up. You have been anything but charitable on this thread.

Tom:  I don't determine what is mortal sin. I merely state what is obviously mortal sin. Anyone who fails to do all he can to keep the baby-killing Hillary out of office commits mortal sin. What could be more obvious?

There are only two people on the face of the earth who will be the next President. To rant about Trump without mentioning the baby-killing, Christian-hating tool of the Muslim Brotherhood is just childish.

It's true that Trump is opposed to ripping babies limb from limb and selling the parts. I guess that makes him unqualified.

It's true that Trump does not believe we need to abolish the borders and allow hundreds of thousands of Muslim warriors in. I guess that makes him unqualified.

Nicholas: Did you read anything I just said? Did I ever say Trump was unqualified? I simply said I'm not voting for him. Do you realize we have an electoral college and that this presidential election is not a popular vote? Anyone living in the states of Illinois, California, or New York (and several others) who votes for Trump is essentially "wasting" their vote as Clinton is assured victory in those states. Trump has as much of a chance winning the state of Illinois as Darrell Castle and Evan McMullin do. Look here to see which states have an equal chance of winning their electoral votes for either Trump or Castle.

Also, you keep claiming not voting for Trump is a mortal sin....

Show me a passage from the Catechism saying this is the case. A document from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. An encyclical. Anything from the authentic Magisterium of the Church telling me, and other faithful Catholics, that it is grave matter to not vote for a certain candidate, such as Trump in relation to Clinton. You say it's "obvious", yet you do nothing to show where we are in supposed error. If you truly care for the souls of your brothers and sisters in Christ, why the vitriolic manner of speaking? You're my brother in Christ, and I would never treat you in the uncharitable way you are treating myself and others right now. If I'm supposedly in error, show me my error.

But keep this in mind, if I'm in error, than Bishop Conley is in error, and he is then responsible for preaching something contrary to the faith. This would be something akin to heresy: incredulity. Are you ready to accuse Bishop Conley of incredulity and for teaching a doctrine foreign to that than has been revealed by the Church?

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