Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Expanded Post on Our faith and Tradition

I have yet another article live on Catholic 365, which is an updated version of an essay I wrote earlier this year entitled "Reclaiming Our Faith and Tradition". In this expanded version of the essay, I've included more Scriptural references to the different traditions (small "t") that I talk about in this article, which should give the reader a much better idea of where these traditions actually stem from, and how our ancestors have been doing the things, or at least something similar, to what we do in our churches for millennia. Please check out this new post over on Catholic365.com, and browse around a bit to see more by many other Catholic bloggers.

I must note, that in the comments section on Facebook, many people were totally taking my article out of context. I'm starting to think some just read the blurb at the top of the page, saw the picture of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, and assumed it was fawning over the Tridentine Mass. People on both sides, "liberal" and "conservative" had some ridiculous comments. They ranged from claiming the Ordianry Form of the Mass was "heretical" to having "too many centuries" of the priest facing away from the people talking in a dead language. This proves there is only orthodoxy and heterodoxy, and heterodoxy can be either "conservative" or "lberal".  I replied, after posting the video and pitcures of the inauguration of the new Syro-Malankara Catholic eparchy,  "Notice the ornate vestments. Notice how the priests face East during the liturgy, with their "backs towards the people". Notice how they DON'T speak Latin, but speak English AND Malayalam during the liturgy. Should they stop living the traditions of their particular Church? Or should we be more like these Eastern Catholic brothers and sisters of ours, and embrace and remember our own traditions native to the Latin Church?"

Some food for thought. I may expand on these subjects later...

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